Guest Post: 4th of July Style

Hi pretty readers of Meghan's blog! I am so excited that she asked me to guest post while she is relaxing on her honeymoon! And can I just say how happy I am for her?! Meghan and I were real-life friends a few years ago when I was attending UNC Chapel Hill but then college and life got busy and sadly we lost touch. Buuut the awesome blog world reconnected us and I am SO thankful it did! [Side note: Meghan was the first person I went to dinner with after my first date with my now husband, and I told her that I thought he was the real deal and turns out, he was!]

4th of July for me is always spent at the beach. It is usually low-key, consisting of hamburgers, beer, fireworks, and family. Whether you are staying in or going to a huge get-together, 4th of July is a great excuse to put together a patriotic Red, White, and Blue outfit. And a great excuse to purchase something new if you are like me and don't have much red in your closet ;)

The first outfit I put together is what I will most likely be wearing this 4th of July. I have a serious addiction to maxi dresses. They are comfortable, slimming, and timeless. This outfit would be perfect for a backyard cookout or a night at the beach. Gold accessories make any solid colored dress "pop". And those Tory Burch shoes... I die. This nail polish is my very fav... OPI's "Dating a Royal". It would be the perfect "blue" to add to your patriotic outfit!

4th of july casual

4th of july casual by rosso10 featuring an opi nail varnish

The second outfit would be great for a slightly dressier 4th of July celebration... maybe one indoors. This peplum dress is adorable and would look GREAT with a navy blue necklace. Necklaces are my favorite! And these are super in style right now. I put wedges with this dress but you could always dress it down with flats and still look adorable! Also, am I the only one that has noticed how popular white mani's are right now? I have yet to try it but I love the look and I think it would look super cute with this outfit!

4th of july dressy

4th of july dressy by rosso10 featuring a shiny red dress

What are your plans for the 4th?!

And I had to throw in this picture of the cake we made last 4th. Any excuse for cake right?!‚Äč

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