Suburb Sunday: Backyard Update

Hello!  I'm back with an update to our house.  I really put a lot of home improvement projects on hold while I was planning the wedding.  With the exception of the family vacation last week, I feel like DG and I hit the ground running!

The week we returned from Mexico, DG and I organized our projects. Side note: I am so big on lists.  I have them handwritten and then on my phone and Google Chome in Any.Do so I can always know what I need to do.  And let's be real, I love crossing things off that list.

DG focused his energy on our backyard, which is what initially made the house so attractive.  Having Winston, it was imperative that we had a nice size, fenced in backyard.  The fact that there is a grassy area, but also a wooded area was really ideal.  DG wanted to line the yard so that we could help the grass grow in areas where it was sparse (as seen in the first picture).

Notice how he left a little space there?  He really wants a shed to put back there to keep things in.  I think that is his way of trying to tell me he's ready for it now.

What home improvement projects have you done recently?


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