Weekending: Let's Try This Again

Y'all, I cannot believe that it's already the middle of July.  It's been a fun, but crazy summer!  I'm back and ready to start settling back into a routine though.  And also catch up on some beauty sleep.

“Beauty Sleep”, Vogue US, January 1991
Photographer : Irving Penn

As I mentioned last week, DG and I headed down to Ocracoke Island with my parents for the week.  The weather wasn't the greatest, but we still had fun.  I realized that I've been going to Ocracoke since I was in 3rd grade for vacation with my parents.  The only time I've missed going is the summer DG and I adopted Winston, and I actually did go that summer when I attended NCCAT.

Here's what we did:

Saturday night, we went to Jolly Roger for live music by Willis Gupton.  My mom and dad are potentially his biggest fans.

This sunset is unreal.  There's no filter on that.

Tuesday, we had pizza from Ocracoke Pizza Company.  I got a Popeye pizza with sundried tomato, red peppers, spinach, bacon, feta, red onion, and mozzarella. 

I have always loved lighthouses since I was a little girl, and this view never gets old for me.

This is my friend Charlie.  I'm not really a cat person, but we became friends a few summers ago.  He's awesome and after a pretty bad day on Wednesday, he helped lift my spirits.

DG and my dad like to pretend to be the best fishermen in the area and they did catch quite a few fish.

We had dinner Thursday at the Back Porch Bar.  I love the restaurant, but DG and my dad wanted to eat off the bar menu.  We ordered pimiento cheese fries for an app.

And I got fried shrimp for dinner with veggies and rice.

The last day was gorgeous, with the exception of the 30 MPH winds.  We booked it off the beach after a couple of hours and headed to our dock.

DG and I had our first date night as a married couple at Howard's Pub.  The pizza wasn't nearly as good as the pizza at Ocracoke Pizza Company, but their crab cake sandwich never disappoints.

I really am back to a pretty normal schedule now.  DG and I are doing some pretty big home improvement projects this week.  I also have some plans to catch up with people since we have less than a month until teacher work days start.  Stay tuned for updates on all of that in addition to those wedding related posts I told you about.

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