Survival Essentials

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Calavela with Maddie from The Whimsy One.  While we were dining, she told me about Man Crates.  I mentally tucked it away as a website I should check out during the holidays for gift buying with DG and my dad.  I really hate buying gifts for them because I feel like I never get them exactly what they want.  So, I checked out the website and found some awesome ones.  Even better, each crate comes with its own crowbar for opening.

The boxes are themed and I thought this one for NFL teams would be cool for DG personalized for him with the Bills.

Or this awesome one for my dad that is geared towards golfers.

There's one for bacon, whiskey, and college football teams, but neither DG nor my dad's college teams are there.  If Man Crates expands to include East Carolina University and the University of Buffalo, those would definitely be ones I would order.  Again, I tucked this away as an awesome website for gift giving in the future (DG turns 30 in September).

Last week, I was contacted by Man Crates completely out of the blue to create a survival list for if I was ever stranded on a tropical island.  Here's what I came up with:

Survival 101

1. I don't go anywhere with out my Dr. Lipp chapstick.  My lips are insanely dry all the time and this is the best I've found.

2. I hate real pants and live in elastic waist pants as soon as I get home.  Lulu's Wonder Unders are my favorite for fall and winter (or any day/season, who am I kidding).  I wear them around the house, to grocery shop, running, doing yoga or pilates, or out.  They're seriously worth the money.


3. My Ray-Ban Aviators are hands down my favorite shades.  I love the polarized lens which helps with my sensitive eyes.

4. Coffee.  I have a cup of black coffee every morning.  If I don't have it... well...



5. Andre Extra Dry or any white wine.  I feel confident that is self-explanatory.


What would you put in your survival kit?

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