Since we got back from Cancun, I've been dying to travel more.  I won't lie, I'm driving DG nuts about it.  DG has definitely traveled more than me in the United States, and I am itching to catch up.  We made a pact to go somewhere new together every year for our anniversary, whether it's somewhere new for him, new for me, or for both of us.  I may or may not have already booked a hotel for us for our first anniversary (you're right... it's almost 10 months away).

Here are a few places in the US I'd like to go in the next several months:





I'd stay here.

As a North Carolina native, I've still never been to the Biltmore Estate.  And I'd eat at all of these places listed here.

West Jefferson

I'm dying to stay here.

I love Blowing Rock so much, but haven't been in so long.

Beaufort, NC

I love Beaufort, NC and its proximity to Atlantic Beach.  The historic houses in downtown Beaufort are breathtaking.  And sadly, DG has never been.




I went to Savannah last year for a friend's bachelorette weekend.  It was absolutely breath taking.  I definitely want to head back with DG to take in a few more restaurants and a lot more sites.


I saved the best for last.  I've been to Charleston three times, but always for girls' weekends.  I'm really looking forward to heading here with DG for our first anniversary and experience the city with him.  He's never been and I think it will be great fun.



Where are you dying to go?


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