Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready

Warning: Long Post Ahead!

Friday night, my buddy Lauren spent the night with me in the suite I rented at the Sheraton.  She and I tried to get some sleep, but we stayed up talking for a while and it really helped calm my nerves.  Which brings me to one of my points:

I was contacted by to share my experience with their #PreppinForTheBigDay campaign.  It was really convenient and perfect timing, because I was already planning this post.  Part of their campaign are what back-up plans we had in place and how the helped the day run.  So here ya go:

I knew that with us getting married outside, there was a possibility it would be too hot or that it could rain.  Our back-up plan was to move it inside to our reception venue at The Stockroom at 230.  My day-of coordinator and I were in touch frequently throughout the weekend, and she 100% supported my decision to hold off on moving it inside.  I just never saw myself getting married indoors, and luckily, we didn't have to move it.

In general, I hold a lot of stress in my life.  When I decided to tackle the task of planning the wedding by myself, with input from David, of course, I knew that it was going to be a stressful time.  I started to have a big freak out moment over the smallest thing about 2 weeks before the wedding.  I caught myself and decided that it wasn't worth it.  It was one day that was supposed to be the happiest of my life.  So, I literally let it go.  My friends were all absolutely shocked at how collected I was through the process and how I wasn't affected by things throughout the weekend.  I never even mentioned some of the things I noticed, like the fountain not having water, the chairs at the ceremony weren't the ones I rented, or the half naked man walking his dog near the bushes.  I just let it go.  Not worth it.  The half naked guy?  Funny then, still funny now.  So, that was the biggest part of my wedding planning that made it less stressful.  I chose happiness and to enjoy the moment instead of getting caught up with stupid, insignificant things.

Now, my girlfriends joined me at the Sheraton around lunch.  I had about 4 hours by myself and I went for a walk in downtown Raleigh, got some coffee, relaxed, packed up a little bit, and then Lauren and I had breakfast.  My friends all came with snacks for lunch, drinks, and the best energy imaginable.  The morning went by so slowly and then by the time they got there, it went insanely fast.  Here are some of my favorite memories from our getting ready: 

Photos by Lauren's trusty iPhone and my fabulous photographer


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