Wedding Wednesday: Rehearsin'

The Friday before the wedding, we rehearsed at our ceremony venue.  When the wedding forecast came out, I started getting questions about what we were going to do.  DG and I decided to not make a decision until the day of the wedding.  When we were rehearsing, it was absolutely gorgeous, but storming literally all around us!

Let me give you a little hint about something.  We had our ceremony at the Raleigh Rose Garden.  DG and I picked that spot together because it is gorgeous, in downtown Raleigh, and simple.  When we booked it, there was this fountain that is used as the backdrop.  I'm sure you can't help but notice how it is empty.  We were told Friday that it would be filled Saturday and that the grass would be cut before our ceremony.  Sad news, it wasn't.  I didn't make a huge deal about it, but I was a little miffed that our wedding pictures have this empty fountain in the background.  The good news is my photographer did a great job of trying to avoid it at the ceremony, but there was only so much she could do.

Why are all rehearsals chaotic?  Thank goodness for an awesome day-of coordinator who did a great job orchastrating through all the insanity.



After we finished rehearsing, we headed to Apex for the after-rehearsal dinner hosted by DG's family.  It was at Anna's Pizzeria Loft, which is one of our favorite restaurants.

The interior of the loft is exposed brick, so my in-laws used wine bottles with custom labels and sunflowers to decorate.  

This was another event where not too many pictures were taken.  I attribute it to the day being pretty hectic and I am thankful to my friends who did capture some pictures! 

Our friends gifted DG his groom's cake.  Let me tell you, when my buddy decides she is going to do something, she does it right!  Look how adorable this cake turned out!

We had our toasts at the rehearsal dinner by DG's best man and my matrons of honor.

Sadly, there isn't even a picture of DG and me alone from the rehearsal dinner.  Only during toasts.  Maybe my 2015 resolution should be to make a point to take more pictures! 

Stay tuned next week for pictures of us getting ready for the ceremony.

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