About Me

Some of my favorite bloggers did this post last week, and I thought I would share as well.  Here's my introduction to my newer readers and some additional information for some of my other readers.


My name is Meghan and I"m 27.  I live in a suburb of Raleigh, NC.  I was born and raised in North Carolina

I got married June 28 to DG.  We've had our fluffball, Winston, since July 2011.  I'm an only child and I am super close with my mom and dad.  I've been lucky to have girlfriends who have been like sisters to me.  When DG and I got married, I got two sisters and nieces and nephews, so that was awesome!


I am a public school teacher.  I've been teaching for 5 years now!  I went to college on a scholarship to become a teacher and it has always been my passion.

I spend time with my friends, daydreaming of traveling, shopping, napping, cooking, eating, reading, and decorating.  I also like to DIY.  I used to consider myself a runner, but I haven't really been running since the wedding.  I am signing up for the Tobacco Road Half, so this is my motivation.

{Favorite Food}

I don't have one favorite.  I love tater tots, generally covered in cheese, macaroni and cheese, pimiento cheese, crabcakes, and fried green pickles.  MaybeI should just sum this up by saying if it's fried or smothered in cheese, it's probably a favorite. 

{Favorite Color}

Gold.  Hands down.

{Standard Coffee Order}

I drink black coffee.  I know that everyone loves Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but they're not my favorite.  I'd rather have a iced pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  In the winter, I do love a gingerbread latte, but again, black coffee is my everyday choice.

Standard Bar Order
Wine or champagne

Places I Shop
J. Crew, Banana Republic, Vestique, LOFT, The Purple Polka Dot, but I love stores that post outfits on their Instagrams.

{Bedtime & Wake Up Time}

During the week, I wake up at 5:00AM and I go to bed around 9:30 or 10:00PM.  I crash on Fridays because as much as I'd love to go to bed consistently at those times, DG coaches in the fall and spring and sometimes doesn't get home until then.

{Beauty Products I Can't Live Without}
Nail polish, tinted moisturizer, bronzer, and mascara!

{What I Blog About}
I definitely consider this a lifestyle blog.  I write about products I love, outfits I like, recipes, and restaurants I've tried.

{First Blog I Read}

Style Me Swanky (soon to be Holy City Chic)

{How Did I Start Blogging}
I started a blog when I graduated from college to air out feelings.  A friend of mine had one and I loved the idea.  I kept up with it for years, but I was much more personal on it than I am here. It was almost like a journal.

{Why I Blog}

I love the creative outlet.  I have enjoyed getting ideas for decorating the house, recipes to recreate, and blog friendships.  I didn't expect it to ever have followers other than friends and family, so it's been awesome to meet people in various parts of the country.

What about you?  Why did you start blogging?


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