Friday Favorites: Busy Weekend Ahead!

Y'all were so sweet to me with my pity party for working 16 straight days.  Today is the last of that streak, so I'm going to treat myself to a blow out at Parlor Blow Dry Bar before taking DG for his surprise birthday dinner.  We started a tradition our first birthdays together that we always have a night out together to celebrate our birthdays together and then a celebration with friends on another day.  I can't wait to tell you where I'm surprising him... tomorrow (Hey DG!).

{Favorite Thought}


{Favorite Outfit}

necklace // sweater (old; J.Crew Factory)  // skirt // wedges // Essie's Smokin' Hot

{Favorite Nail Polish}

Essie's Smokin' Hot

{Favorite Winston Moment}

He doesn't want to chew his rawhide... just hold on to it.

{Favorite Song}

In honor of DG's birthday, this song always reminds me of him.

{Favorite Workout}

I love a good at-home yoga workout.  See more details here.

{Favorite Purchase}

Voluspa Suede Blanc candle

{Favorite Funny}

I mean... 


Isn't this every girl's problem?

fo real

{Favorite Link}

24 Things We Become Obsessed With In Our Late 20s

I saw this last week on Ashley's blog and it is SPOT on.

{Favorite DG Moment (In Honor of His Birthday)}

DG loves going to Ocracoke so he can fish.  This was the first one he caught this past summer.

In more important news, my best friend Lindsey lost her stepfather Thursday morning.  Lindsey is my friend who lost her baby at 5 months in June.  I have been incredibly heartbroken for her and her family.  Lindsey lost her father when she was 7 years old in a car accident.  The amount of death she, her brother, and mother have experienced has been devastating.  Any positive thoughts and prayers you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  When we talked Wednesday night, they had just found a picture on JK's phone that he took with me at the wedding.  No one had ever seen it until then and I was incredibly grateful for the time I got to spend with him.  He was like another father to me growing up.


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