Product Review: RocksBox

I found out about RocksBox from Zelle back in the summer and I loved the idea.  I love jewelry, but I get burned out quickly, especially on big statement pieces.  To me, this concept of paying $19 for three pieces that I can wear for a month and then ship back is seriously ingenius!

I've received three boxes since signing up.  Here are some quick snaps of the ones I've received.

{First One}

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{Second One}

{Third One}

I have enjoyed having these pieces to choose from in addition to my trusty old statement pieces.  My favorite month has definitely been this third month.  The House of Harlow bangle is something I requested from my stylist.  I love the earrings and statement necklace as well.  The bangle is definitely something I am considering keeping permanently.  I love that it is not too big or bulky.

Try RocksBox and let me know what you think!  My friends and I love coming home to find our next box in the mail!  It's like fun monthly gift!  


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