Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon

Our flight left fairly early on Sunday after the wedding for our honeymoon.  DG and I had never been out of the country before so we were really excited!  We flew into Charlotte and had a quick layover until our flight to Cancun.

We got in earlier than our check-in time, so we went down to the beach and grabbed lunch by the pool.

My lunch on repeat was this awesome cheese pizza.  It had mozzarella, brie, and blue cheese.

We did a lot of lounging by the beach that week.  Our resort didn't have a ton of umbrellas available by the pool or on the beach, so we would wake up early, go grab a cabana by the ocean, and then go get breakfast.  

The views from our room were stunning and we spent most nights out on our balcony.  It was an all-inclusive resort, so we ordered appetizers from room service and would go have later dinners in the restaurants.

By far, DG's favorite restaurant was their hibachi restaurant.  What's ironic about that is he had never eaten at one before.  If friends suggest us going to one in North Carolina, he turns his nose up.  But now, he's hooked!  He also tried sushi for the first time while in Mexico.  I almost didn't know who he was anymore!

We were in Mexico for July 4th, and our resort had a 4th of July celebration.

For our last lunch, I tried fish tacos and they were delicious.

Our last night at the resort, we had dinner at the hibachi restaurant again for DG's sake and spent time with our new friends.  We were so sad to leave because we really had the best time relaxing and spending time together.

The resort we stayed in was small; it only had 7 floors and was completely surrounded by a lot of the major resorts, like Secrets and Hard Rock.  We enjoyed that it was smaller because we did not have long waits for dinner or have a ton of problems finding seats at the pool or the beach.  The only things we didn't love was the lack of shade and the restaurant choices.  There were 3 to choose from for dinner and then room service.  The good news is that our resort hosted a lot of events each night, and let guests know the day before what the schedule would be.  DG and I were able to plan accordingly for our dinners.  I forgot our camera in the haste of packing for the honeymoon and we didn't really take a ton of pictures.  As I've mentioned before, I always kick myself later, but I can't be upset that we weren't concerned about that at the time.

We had perfect weather the entire time we were there.  It only rained one day, and that was the day we went snorkling.  That was the one time we left the resort and we really did have a good time doing that.  I think DG had more fun than me though, because y'all know I was scared of becoming shark food.

On the way back from Cancun, we had a lay-over in Charlotte.  From Charlotte to Raleigh, the airline lost my luggage.  Cue anxiety for me because on the way down, my make-up remover busted all over my luggage.  Luckily it didn't ruin too many of my clothes, but I was petrified it would happen on the way back.  But that didn't happen and everything was fine once they found it!

Thank you so much for following along through our wedding and honeymoon!  I appreciate all of your sweet comments and your positivity!  Y'all are the best! 


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