Weekending: Every week should be a 4 day week

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by.  I feel like each month goes by just a little faster than the one before.  I am so excited to have fall here though; now if only North Carolina temperatures would get on board with that.

For starters, my weekend was awesome because it was the first pay check in two and a half months.  Here's a side rant note.  So many people think teachers get paid in the summers when they aren't working.  I think that's cute.  If I got paid for the 8 weeks I was off, I would never complain.  However, I am a 10 month employ, which means I'm unemployed for 2 months in the summer.  I'm not complaining, but I also wanted to clarify.  I digress.  The first thing I did when I got off work was high tail it to Ulta to pick up some much needed beauty products.  I'll do a post on these later.

I asked DG to pick up take out on his way home because I didn't want to put on real clothes after coming home and putting on sweat pants.

Saturday, this (sold out, but some other great ones) little number arrived.  I borrowed this picture from Sunsets & Stilettos.

Saturday night, DG decided he wanted to go to Aviator.  He really just wanted the fried mac & cheese bites and BBQ.  It wasn't the best we had, but that's okay.

East Carolina played Saturday night.  DG and I don't have cable, so I was ecstatic when the game was televised at Aviator.  That redeemed the food being decent and not stellar!

I have a hard time sleeping in once I start getting into a routine, so I was wide awake at 6:30AM.  DG can sleep... a lot.  I've actually never seen anything like it.  So, he woke up at 11:00 and wanted breakfast.  We settled on Bagels Plus because they have lunch food too.  So, I got a chicken cheese steak and he got a bagel sandwich.

We spent an obsene amount of time and money at Home Depot after that because our exterior doors need replacing.  This isn't something I'm excited about; it's sort of like getting new tires.  It's a lot of money, but not for anything appealing.

Sunday afternoon, we went to Durham for a cookout.  Our friends Mary & Mike just built a house and we were so excited to see it.  I was also happy to see our buddy Crystal.

Monday, I did more house work, school work, and squeezed in some pool time with my friend Amy.  

I really love 4 day weeks.  Who can we petition for this to become a thing?

Now it's your turn!  Tell us how your holiday weekend was!


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