Weekending: Much Needed

This past week was wonderful, but also exhausting.  I worked 3 days that lasted 12-14 hours, so when I got home late Friday night from work, I crashed... hard.  I stopped and picked up take out to have dinner with DG, and immediately crashed.  I look forward to coming home on Friday, changing into sweats and a big tshirt and falling asleep where ever I'd like.

Saturday was perfect.  It was hot, but DG and I ran errands and did house work around the house.  I planted a gazillion purple and yellow mums in the yard hoping to bring East Carolina good luck against South Carolina.

Before (just a side shot of the yard)

See below for the after pictures.

Saturday night, DG and I went to our beloved Poole's Diner.

I was so excited to add two new Bourbon & Bowetie bangles to my wedding stack!  My favorite local coffee and gift shop is now selling them!  And of course my GiGi clutch is a favorite.  My nail color?  OPI's Lincoln Park After Midnight in honor of my November Chicago trip (can you tell I'm excited?).

We always get the pimiento cheese appetzer.  And I always have to take the picture fast before DG starts digging in.

I mean, see that antication in the background with the silverware?  That man ain't playing.

I finally tried the soft shell crab, and y'all, it was divine.

Sunday, I graded a lot, ran errands, and had lunch with my friend Morgan.  I also decorated the house for fall, but I didn't go too crazy yet.

Bath and Body Works has some of my favorite fall scents and I was excited to pull these out!

I can't wait to add pumpkins and more mums in the next couple of weeks.

How was your weekend?  Link up with Biana and me and tell us all about it!



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