Friday Favorites: Halloween

Linus' annual letter to the Great Pumpkin. :)

Y'all.  I can't believe that tomorrow is November.  Like, literally flabbergasted.  Tonight, DG and I are going to early vote (I love voting... seriously), and then out to dinner with our buddies.  Here are my favorites from this week.

{Favorite Thought}

{Favorite Outfit}

flannel plaid shirt, cream puff vest, dark ...

{Favorite Polish}

2nd gel manicure wasn't as thrilling for me.  It's coming off this afternoon.

{Favorite Funny}

{Favorite Food}

Bombshell Brewery had American Meltdown on Thursday.  I had the Buffalo Blitzer and fried Brussel sprouts.  So delicious.

{Favorite Song}

This is my inspiration from this week.  Shaking it off.

{Favorite Purchase}

I bought a Groupon to Jay Andrews Salon & Spa back in the summer and finally got around to using it.  The salon is an AVEDA salon and spa, and it was seriously the best facial I've ever had.

{Favorite Links}

Ashley over at Girl Talk featured my wedding planning advice on her blog!  Be sure to check out her blog.

{Favorite Winston Moment}

My buddy KP got W a dinosaur dental chew.  He just carried it around in his mouth all night. 

What are your plans for Halloween?
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