Suburb Sunday: Downstairs Home Tour

Today, I'm sharing our downstairs with you.  Our house certainly isn't done, but it has definitely come a long way.  The things on my list now are to replace some of the bachelor furniture that occupies our spaces. 

Our foyer space houses my favorite mirror and a little chest I found in an antique store where my mom and dad live.   I sanded it and painted it, so now all I need to do is add new hardware.

I love Bath & Body Works candles, so I'm burning Leaves for fall.

Our living room is still in progress.  I really want to tile our fireplace.  However, I love three paintings DG did that hang over our mantle.  I finally found something I like for the mantle decor with those mercury candle sticks.

The couch and the chair are DG's from his single days.  The chair is where Winston really likes to lay at night, so I know it will be hard to eventually part with it.  The couch is super comfy, and I'd rather have it in our bonus room, but it won't fit through the doorway.

The paintings over the mantle used to be over to couch.  We've moved them because we ordered a few canvas prints of photos from our wedding.

Our living room leads into our dining room (which leads to our screened-in porch... coming in a different post), which is my favorite room in the house.  DG bought me the dining room table and chairs and I'm obsessed with the set.

I'd love to replace that chandelier and get a bigger bar cart.

This was the first painting DG ever did for me.  It's a painting of Ocracoke Island's Silver Lake Harbor, and it's actually the view from our house we stay in every year.  He had no idea when he painted this for me that it was the same view, which makes this even more special.

I love our green kitchen!  Our house gets such great natural light, and this color really helps play off of that.  Originally, this room was almost a mustard color and just really bland.

I'd love to do something different with the knobs on the cabients and update that island.  DG and I hang pictures and reminders on our fridge.  It's also where I keep our monthly meal plan.

I also love that we have a little breakfast nook.  That table and chairs are antiques from my family.  The chairs are a pain to paint and have so many layers of paint caked on them, but I love the set.  Also, the placemats are my grandmother's.  I take them off the table to eat and use some cheapies from Target because I don't want them to get messed up.

DG found this old window at the Flea Market, and he decided to paint it.  I love the uniqueness of it.  He also made me place to keep my race swag.  I won't lie... I hate it's in the kitchen because it makes me feel guilty when I chow down on those cheese tots.  That buffet is another score we got from the Flea Market!  I am obsessed with it.

Stay tuned for my next installment of a tour our upstairs!


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