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Did y'all REALLY think I was done posting about the wedding?  Our day was seriously the happiest day of my life.  I look back at my pictures and can't help but notice how happy I am.

I was contacted in June by Ariane at WeddingMix to see if I was interested in using WeddingMix for our big day.  Y'all ready for some real talk on here today?  We had a budget for our wedding and had to decide what to cut and what to have.  What we decided to cut was a videographer.  So, when Ariane contacted me about using WeddingMix, it was absolutely perfect for what we needed.

We used the App Highlight package where our friends downloaded the app and uploaded the video.  It was seriously so easy and user friendly.  I actually only gave the information to select friends because I trusted them to take the best videos.  However, I could have distributed the information to all guests to upload photos and videos.  What's awesome is that they kept all the videos and pictures in an online gallery and DG and I were able to view pictures that guests didn't send us or post to social media.  WeddingMix even has the option of to add all the photos and videos posted to Instagram to the online gallery.

WeddingMix offers a variety of options for taking videos, including sending you flip cameras to use at your wedding and reception for guests to film.  That is a great option, but for me and my stress level, it was easier to just have my friends download the app!

We loved giving our guests some control over what we would remember for our big day.  I made a list of important shots we wanted to be filmed and our guests got that list when they downloaded the app and signed up for our wedding.  It was seriously awesome to see what videos they took and what photos they added.  And, of course, my friends got the shots we wanted.

WeddingMix is such an affordable option to commemorate our wedding weekend.  I'm so happy we had the opportunity to use WeddingMix.  Honestly, I love that our friends were able to have such an important role in our day with taking these videos!  If you're a bride-to-be,  I definitely recommend using WeddingMix as either a supplement to your videographer, or like us, as your way of capturing your special day!  You can't go wrong with them.  The company is personal and definitely goes above and beyond to please.

Without much further ado, here is our trailer from WeddingMix.  


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WeddingMix gifted me a credit for their services.  All opinions of our experience are my own.

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