A Boy and His Dog

Before this gets started, go get a box of tissues.  Right now.

Growing up, I always had a dog.  My parents raised boxers and we had some great companions.  In college, I itched for a dog.  When I was single, I was always thinking about getting a dog.  When DG and I got together, one of the first questions I asked him was if he had a dog.  He told me no, but he really wanted one.  The more serious our relationship got, the more we talked about a dog.

The first summer we were together was a crazy busy one.  He was in Buffalo for a month and I was traveling for various professional development.  We took turns visiting the local SPCA, and I found a puppy that I thought would come home with me.  I went up to visit DG in Buffalo, and we made a pact that we wouldn't look at the SPCA website until we got back to Raleigh.

The last night we were in Buffalo, we scrolled through the website together for the first time in about 5 weeks.  We stumbled across a picture of the most adorable, black faced goof ball.  We were smitten, but I told DG I wanted a female dog.  We got back from Buffalo on Saturday and Sunday, we hightailed it to the SPCA to see him.  His name was Buzz and he was the only puppy at the SPCA that day who didn't have an adoption application.  He was in with his brother, Briscoe, and no one wanted to adopt him because he was too rambunctious.

We asked that Briscoe be taken out of the room with Buzz so we could see how he would act by himself.  As soon as Briscoe left, Buzz (Winston) plopped his little self down and just laid right on down.  He was seriously precious.  DG and I decided to put in an adoption application for him, but another couple had beaten us to it.  After waiting for about an hour, the couple ahead of us decided they didn't want to wait any longer, so we were first in line for Buzz.

And then they let us adopt him.  And I was absolutely a wreck.  I was so concerned that we were going to be the worst dog parents.  We had no idea where the little guy was found or what his parents were like, but we knew he was a German Shepherd/Chow mix and we were so concerned he was going to be too aggressive.  Instead what we got was the best thing that ever happened to us.

I give you all this background because of where my post is going.  On Tuesday, ESPN had a special about various athletes.  The most adorable little boy named Owen appeared on our screen with his dog Haatchi.  Owen has a rare muscular disease and Haatchi was left tied to a railroad track to get killed.  Haatchi only has 3 legs.  Owen and Haatchi's bond is a tear-jerker for sure.  I can't think about the two of them without tearing up.  My appreciation for dogs and their loyalty is something I can't explain.  DG and I will never have a home without a dog.

Take 10 minutes out of your day and watch this.


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