Suburb Sunday: DIY Glitter Booties

I mentioned before, but I worked at a clothing boutique in college and was incredibly stylish thanks to that.  I still have a pair of black suede booties that I can't stand to part with but the suede was rubbed off in places.  So, I decided to DIY them.

I used black glitter (Marth Stewart's is my favorite), Martha Stewart's Decoupage in gloss finish, an old tupper container, a sponge brush, and an old box to contain the glitter.

I mixed the glitter and the decoupage in the tupperware container.  I used equal parts and mixed until it was at a spreadable consistency.  I didn't want it goopy.

Then I painted the shoe with the decoupage/glitter mix.  I then sprinkled the black glitter all over the shoe.  I let them dry an hour and then I touched up the areas that needed a little more glitter.

The last thing I did, I sprayed clear acrylic spray paint all over the shoes to keep the glitter from falling off every time I set them down.

What do you think?  How'd they turn out?


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