Suburb Sunday: Christmas Decorations

DG and I decided to take a more simplistic approach to our Christmas decorations this year.

We usually hang lights on our house, but we decided against it this year.  I took this picture a little too early in the evening, so our candles weren't on yet,but I love the greenery.
I got the napkins and placemats are from Target (sold out) and the trees are from Stylish Living.

I love Bath and Body Works' Winter candle.  We burned it at our Tacky Christmas Sweater Party and got lots of compliments.

Our mantle decoration is very simple and I love the way our tree turned out.  I got these adorable deer from Stylish Living and I have a bigger one in front of the fire place.

These gold cotton bole trees are perhaps my favorite decoration of the season.

This Archipelago Winter Frost candle is amazing!

I ordered a couple of new bed pillows for our new duvet.  I love this sweet pillow!

This gold deer was my favorite decoration and DG and I decided to leave it up all year.  I also burned Capri Blue's Fir & Firewood candle and have decided that will be what I burn for the holidays from now on.

What did your Christmas decorations look like this year?

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