2015 Goals

Happy New Year, y'all!  I really enjoy writing on goals for the new year and being able to reflect back on them.  Last year, DG and I made 10 goals for the year as a couple and framed them in our bedroom.  It was a really great motivator, and I'm doing it again this year!  This year, I'm not doing as many goals as I did last year, but they're much bigger.
1. Say no.
I really need to learn this. Stop being pushed into doing things I never wanted to do in the first place.
If you've been around these parts for a while, you know I overextend myself.  I felt a lot of my posts started with "This was a crazy week" or "I am thinking things will slow down."  But they never did, because I never said no.  I was working 4 jobs.  I was stressed out all the time and anxious and exhausted.  So, this year, I refuse to move through life like that.  I am going to say no.  For starters, DG and I didn't do anything for New Year's Eve.  We didn't go out to dinner.  We didn't invite anyone over.  We didn't go over to anyone's house.  We just sat in front of the fire and relaxed.  If that's any indication of how saying no feels, then I'm on the right track!

2. Stop overanalyzing situations.

which may be why it keeps crashing and losing information or working too slowly
I overthink pretty much everything.. But im learning that where the trouble begins. Is in my own head

I've never quite mastered the art of letting things go.  I attach myself to these ideas of what could happen and how I should handle it if said situation occurs.  I overthink my blog posts.  I overthink conversations after they happen.  I know reflection is good, but yeesh.

3. Do more things that make me happy.

Found this on Instagram and do think of yourself as an investment!
I felt my best when I was doing yoga and pilates and I haven't been doing it recently.  I also haven't been running.  Doing a half marathon in March should help me get back in gear.  And when I'm working out, I feel so much better emotionally and mentally.

4. Budget.  Pay down debt.

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I work hard.  DG works hard.  So we've been rewarding ourselves for our hard work through materialistic purchases.  We weren't watching where our money went.  This year, we're more focused.  One thing we want to do more of is travel.  How do we afford to travel?  We budget and pay down or off our existing debt.  Seems pretty straight forward, but somehow, this seems to be the hardest.

5. Be more punctual.

catcher in the rye
I am horrible at waiting until the last minute to start getting ready.  I have three alarms in the morning and oversleep the first two.  I am always late to meet friends.  I am rarely early to doctor's appointments.  I have always been 10 minutes late to essentially everything.  Sadly, DG isn't very punctual either.  So, this is a necessity.

I have a few more personal, professional, and Champagne & Suburbs goals, but I'll spare you.  This list is a pretty good one though!  P.S. I'm doing The Every Girl's 30 day challenge this month for hydration by drinking 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day.
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What are your goals for 2015?