Friday Favorites: Hair Edition

You musn't be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, Darling.
Seriously?!  How is it already the end of January?  It's for this reason I try to slow down and focus on things.  This weekend, DG & I are headed east for a belated birthday celebration with my dad and to attend an oyster roast!  I'm switching my Friday 5 up a little bit this week.  This week, we're going to focus on hair because I'm dying for something different.
Background: I've never had long hair.  The length it is now is the longest it has ever been.  Also, I've mentioned, but I'm naturally blonde, but I don't like the way it looks on me.
So here's some inspiration for what I'm hoping will be a change up this afternoon, but I won't lie, I may chicken out.

I've always really loved this cut, but I'm not sure that I can pull it off with the natural curl in my hair.


this hair.
Love the color!


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Layered Medium Haircut for Black Hair
I love this one because of her bangs.  And because I'm really attached to my bangs. 


Megan Fox's new haircut #hair #brunette
This length is definitely what I'm leaning towards.  And perhaps even the color.

How do you decide on a cut?  Any recommendations?  
Hope you have a great weekend!  Don't forget to stop by Monday to link up with Biana and me for Weekending!
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