Tuesday Toast: Thank You!

The past few days of 2015 have been positively emotionally overwhelming for me.  I say that because I am shocked at the generosity of so many people.
I have one friend who literally makes me laugh out loud.  I get text messages from her and I just laugh a good, loud laugh.  DG says "I always know who you're texting by how loudly you laugh.  You just sit there and text and laugh."  And he's right.  This friend is amazingly supportive and always knows the perfect punch line.
I have another friend whom I texted and asked a silly favor.  She, without hesitation, jumped all over it and reassured me.  This is a friend I met in blogland, who just so happens to live right down the road from me.  Such an amazingly supportive friend.
Another one offered to take pictures for me for the blog because she knows DG is struggling with that.  I was floored and ecstatic!
My LA friend who knows when to text and say "Hey, I'm just thinking of you."  Co-workers who just text to see how things are going.  It's not even just limited to this either.  So many of you that I've met through Champagne & Suburbs are awesome!  I never expected anyone to read my blog, so it is so great to have met new people through this.  It's my favorite part about this blog.
These random acts of kindness are not isolated from them, and last night, I was just in awe of the support and love I received.  As I'm proofing this blog post, I'm struck be the words I've used.  Generosity, amazingly supportive.  I am so blessed and appreciative of all of you!
What's your toast for today?