Weekending: When Do You Plan on Relaxing?

Oh, Monday.
I'm going to start out by telling you DG's comment to me Saturday morning.  He asked me when I planned on relaxing this weekend, or ever, because I had a lot going on.  I laughed at him because that doesn't happen.  If I finally can relax, I feel guilty and find something to do.  Am I alone in this?  Anyway... it was a fun weekend with great food and company!  Doesn't get much better than that.
Thursday, DG and I went to Bombshell Beer Company's run club.  I met a new friend a couple of weeks ago and she came too.  She and I ran really well together and she convinced me to run 4 miles instead of 3.  After that, DG and I treated ourselves to American Meltdown for dinner.  I am seriously addicted to their fried brussel sprouts.

Friday was a dreary day! It went from 50 degrees to upper 20 temps in about 4 hours.  I had a hard time getting warm after that, so I stopped at Thanks-a-Latte for a quick pick me up.  I love their Southern Belle coffee!

When I got home, DG and I decided we didn't feel like cooking.  We headed up to My Way Tavern and got our usual.  We love their chip and dip platter mainly because of their homemade chips and deep fried pretzel bites.  

I really love their cobb salad because it comes with guacamole, which, duh.

Saturday was still yucky and I had to work.  Saturday night, DG and I went and met our friends at Bombshell.  You know sometimes I forget to take pictures, so that happened.

Sunday was a gorgeous day and it warmed up again.  DG and I ran to grab brunch and everywhere was packedddd, so we didn't get to do that because I worked again.

Sunday night I got to relax and I took a nice bath, finished up some things around the house before the week started.  I am excited to see what this week brings!

How was your weekend?

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