Favorite Lip Colors

Last year, one of my goals was to wear lipstick more frequently, which was cute considering I only owned lip gloss.  The first one I bought after my goal was set was YSL's Le Fushia because of Caitlin's recommendation.  Then, I bought lipstick for our wedding and I was obsessed with that color.  I wore it to the job interview for my current position.  I'm not saying it was the reason I got the job, but I'm not saying it isn't (just kidding, y'all).

But now I'm a lipstick addict.   Here are my favorites that I keep in my new favorite cosmetic bag.

I use Dr. Lipp and Rinse Pucker Pack to keep my lips moisturized because my lips get chapped way too easily.

My tall friend got my first red lip color to try out: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color in All Day Cherry.  I picked this Burt's Bees crayon stick (Napa Vineyard) up when it was on sale (and I had coupons) from Target and I love it.  I wear it more casually.  For all day wear, I love Chanel Ultra Wear Lip Color in Soft Rose.  I use this color a lot during fall and winter at work.  

I am addicted to Chanel Allure Rouge lip color.  I have two reds: Pirate and Inimitable.  Pirate is great for spring and summer, but I love Inimitable for year round color.  It has a hint of sparkle and I seriously am obsessed.  I also have L'Exuberante, which is in the Velvet collection and I love that it is a brighter pink, but not offensive to wear to work.  And then my wedding color is Secrete, which I will forever keep on hand.  It brightens up my complexion and is perfect year round.  

My current favorite lip color at work is Tom Ford in Dusty Pink which came as a recommendation from my LA friend.  I also love YSL lip color.  I have my trusty Le Fuchia and I'd say it's still one of my favorite lip colors to bust out.  And I have Rose Fusain, which I like for fall and winter for nights out.

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Do you love lip color?  What's your favorite type (gloss, lip stick, stain)?  What should I try next?

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