Friday Favorites: Where Did the Week Go?

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This was one of those weeks where I did not get hardly anything accomplished on my to-do list.  I cannot believe how fast time flew by this week.
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{Favorite Polish}

Essie Clambake

*Not-so-fun fact: Wednesday morning, I spilled half a bottle of this color on our white carpet.  I have gotten it out fairly well, but it also got on Winston and that has not come out.  #hotmessexpress

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She believed she could so she did is my mantra.  Love this sweet print from All She Wrote Notes!  Remember, use 'Suburbs' in Maghon's shop for 10% off.

candle // lip color (Le Fushia)  // polish 1 // polish 2
{Favorite Outfits + Winston Moment}

blouse // skirt (similar and on sale!) // boots // nail polish

Always photobombing

pants // flats // bracelets

Yesterday was 4 years since I met DG and I have found that words don't do it justice for how awesome he is.  Jenn and I were talking about our husbands earlier this week and while I certainly don't want to make everything appear like it is perfect between us all the time, I also recognize that I am incredibly blessed with him.

  So tonight, we're going out to dinner at Tupelo Honey to celebrate.  Are we the only people who still celebrate two anniversaries?  

What are your plans this weekend?  Hope you have a great one!
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