Friday Favorites: Winter Break Part 2

Y'all, this has been the craziest week ever.  On Tuesday, I overslept my alarm by about 20 minutes.  I was getting ready for work when one of my friends texted to say we were on a two-hour delay for school.  When I looked out the window, our street was covered.  Enter impromptu winter break round 2.  So, this will be a picture filled edition of mainly Winston frolicking in the snow.

{Favorite Winston Moments}

{Favorite Outfits}

Better titled the only time I wore real clothes this week.  I posted about these pants Wednesday and I mean it.  They're amazing.

I bought a fur infinity scarf (similar) that came in super handy during this chilly weather.

{Favorite Food}

Homemade Mac & Cheese

I took some time to enjoy breakfast in the morning.  It's a luxury I don't usually have during the work week... and sometimes on weekends.

{Favorite Purchase}

I made a stop at Moon & Lola Wednesday afternoon before the storm set in.  Exciting information coming next week on Moon and Lola!

Sneak Peek! 

{Favorite TV Show}

Image result for the staircase documentary

For all of you who were addicted to Serial, check out this documentary on the Peterson murder case in Durham, NC.  As always, thanks to my L.A. friend for keeping me in the loop.

I am SO excited for Season 3 of House of Cards!  I rewatched the earlier seasons over over the holidays, so I am ready! 

{Favorite Craft}

What are your favorites from the week?

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