Weekending: 6 1/2 Day Edition

Having an impromptu winter break provided me with a lot of time to get work done around the house, for work, and to daydream a little about some home improvement projects.  Unfortunately, that does not mean that I have a ton of pictures to show for it.

Friday, we finally got out of the house and ran out to dinner at Tijuana Flats.

I tried the chicken flautas and they were delicious!  I will definitely get them again in the future.

Saturday morning, I ran some errands for some upcoming events and while I was out, I grabbed DG and me breakfast sandwiches from Bagels Plus.  If you live in the area and haven't tried there, go as soon as possible.  I haven't had anything from there that I haven't loved.

Also, my mom and dad rescued a little puppy.  Her name is Madeline and she is a boxer mix!  Isn't she adorable?

Saturday night, we had dinner with friends at Aviator in Fuquay.  I finally tried something new and got the veggie stack burger.  It was seriously delicious!

And y'all, I am SO excited to say this last part.  Sunday DG cleaned our house.  He did an awesome job, but that's not even what I'm excited about.  I went for an 8 mile run and I was really nervous.  I put a lot of internal pressure on myself to run and run well, and sometimes my brain defeats me.  So, when I started out, I kept trying to shut my brain down.  At 2.5 miles, I felt like maybe I wasn't going to do 8, and I talked myself down from that and did 8.  What's even more exciting for me was I kept my comfortable pace and I didn't stop to walk at all.  I did hit a killer hill around mile 4, but I ended my weekend on a really great runner's high.

How was your weekend?  Staying warm and dry?

P.S. don't forget that Joey's book is on sale right now!

And P.P.S. my girl Owen asked me to write a blog post about our marriage for Wednesday.  Be sure you check it out; it may be the most honest I've ever been in a blog post.  She's hosting a 4 part series about marriages and I am so excited to read along!

Don't forget to link up with Biana and me! We can't wait to hear about your weekend.

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