Currently Loving: Downtown Apex {Part Two}

Tonight's the night!  The Raleigh Blog Society's shopping event in downtown Apex begins at 6:00PM.  Be sure you stop by to enjoy some great shopping!

Yesterday, I posted about my want list at Stylish Living (seriously, they have a little spot for me in the back).  Today, I have my want list for Moon and Lola.

So, background.  I've been a Moon and Lola fan since Kelly was a one-woman shop and personally delivered all her jewelry to her vendors.  We're talking 2005.  My parents ordered my signature monogramed necklace when I graduated from college in 2008.  I wore that bad boy until I changed my monogram in June.  DG's wedding gift to me was a new one with my new last name.  So, my M&L love runs deep, y'all.  And Kelly is insanely sweet and humble.

earrings // monogram necklace // studs // dalton with Apex chain // leaf earrings (no longer available)


So without further ado, here's what I'm dying to add to my collection.


Southern Living necklace

State Necklace

Gramercy Necklace
Carnegie Studs

Morningstar Studs

Versailles earrings

Boyfriend Signet Ring

The ring is definitely top on my list (please let this be a post DG reads...)

Shop the post and other favorites here:

Local ladies, I can't wait to see you tonight!  If you're out of town, check out Moon and Lola's website and social media accounts for some awesome goodies.

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