Currently Loving: Living Room Edition

After being on two impromptu winter breaks, I started remembering some home improvement projects that DG and I wanted to do around the house.  We did a lot of work when we first moved in, but now I'm ready to upgrade our furniture and look.
I posted our downstairs home tour and I posted a couple of snaps from our living room when I had a girls' night last month.
After posting this picture, I started thinking about the upgrades I would like to do to this space.

I've been lusting after this couch for years.  When I googled this couch for a review, I stumbled across the picture below...

DG and I used to go to the Raleigh flea market a lot when we bought our house. We picked up some great pieces of furniture.  The one item I kick myself over and over for not purchasing was a gorgeous Lineberry cart.  After seeing how Nicole styled her living room with hers, I knew I made the biggest mistake not purchasing.  I HATE matchy matchy furniture, and that cart would be just perfect.  I've been on the hunt again for the past few weeks and I've got my fingers crossed I find it.

I want boxwood topiaries for our mantle.  Summerhouse of Edenton posted this picture a few months ago, and I can't stop thinking about all the places I could put those tiny boxwoods.  Also, maybe that wreath.

I've mentioned before that I want to tile the fireplace.  I'm looking to these two posts for inspiration.  1 // 2

I haven't gotten very far with chairs.  I need the couch first to see what space we will have for other types of furniture.  I feel the same about end tables.

I am lusting after these two coffee table books.

1 // 2

Lastly, I saw this pillow on Friday night at our runner friend's house.  I am obsessed with these three options.

America // New York // North Carolina
What are you loving this week?  Any recommendations for end tables or chairs?

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