Friday Favorites: Spring Break

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I should apologize for the fact that twice this week my blog posts have posted before I was actually ready, because oops. Thursday was a gorgeous day, and I spent it inside painting my closet and starting to sort through items.  Today and the rest of the weekend will be cooler and rainy, so I thought this quote was the perfect reminder of what's to come!

Let's get right in to my favorites.

{Favorite Thought}

{Favorite Throwback}

Two years ago, DG and I went to Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater for spring break.  This week, I'm missing that trip.  And Katie's amazing Instagram pictures aren't helping!

{Favorite Purchase}

Wednesday, I found Hell or High Watermelon at my local Harris Teeter and I was SO excited.  This is my favorite summer brew and I feel like summer is just around the corner with this being released.

{Favorite Links}

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I'm spending my 2 days of spring break doing some spring cleaning.  #1 on my list?  My closet!  I was so excited when I found these tips from Glitter Guide.  And I really did take everything out of my closet and now I'm suffering from some anxiety.  I have too much stuff and now I'm ready to purge everything I have.

I really love North Carolina and its gorgeous beaches.  This man had the pleasure of flying from the Outer Banks to Charlotte.  Check out his amazing pictures of the Outer Banks from the air.

Did you see the preview of Lilly for Target?  OMG.

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