Suburb Sunday: Strawberry Parfait Recipe

For our Galentine's Brunch last month, I made strawberry parfaits.  I was surprised at how easy they were to make and I was even more pleased with how delicious they were.  By the way, this is my attempt at creating my own "recipe."


  1. In my Kitchenaid mixer, I added a 24 oz container of plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and honey.  I started with two teaspoons of honey and cinnamon, but added a little more of each until I got the flavor where I wanted.
  2. Add the crushed graham crackers to the bottom of the cup, layer the strawberries, layer the yogurt, and then do another layer of the graham crackers, strawberries, and yogurt.
I was so pleased with how the yogurt turned out that I bought another container and made my own yogurt for the week.

Do you have any variations to this that you could recommend?

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