I posted in August about how I was experiencing wanderlust, and honestly, that feeling has not subsided.  I am constantly daydreaming about where DG and I can go next.  We do not have the luxury of traveling out of the country often, but considering I have not seen a lot of the United States, it works out perfectly.  One thing I am constantly shocked about is how much fun we have when we travel. 

Just a couple of quick recaps of our traveling adventures this past year:



{Washington, D.C. Part One // Part Two}

Here are the places we're thinking about these days.


As a history nerd lover, I feel it would be only right to hit Philadelphia.  DG gets into history when we go places, so this would be an awesome trip for us.


This one is another city I'd like to visit for historial purposes.  It doesn't hurt that B has so much fun in Boston and I'd be able to finally meet her in person!  

{New Orleans}

I have always been fascinated with New Orleans culture and would love to see it in action.  I also want to try some dishes there.  I read about way too many restaurants and dishes in Southern Living, so I just need to experience them.

{Key West}

I keep a travel notebook with me at all times so I can wite down places to visit/stay/eat.  One of the first places I added was Key West based off Pamela's recap.


So many friends have been to Nashville recently, so now I'm itching to get there.

{Los Angeles}

Our friends live in LA and we need to get out there to visit!  Any time we spend with them is awesome, so we know this would be an incredible trip for us.

Where else should we add to our list?

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