Weekending: A Fun One

Let's take a step back and talk about the amazing brunch I had on Thursday with my buddy KP, her mom, and her awesome grandmother.  We went to Toast in Waverly Place in Cary.  I got the avocado omelette and seriously... it has bacon and Parmesan cheese.  So good.

This weekend was a fun one for sure!  It started with me working Friday and finishing operation Closet Cleanout.  I came away with a few things.  First, I have an emotional attachment to clothes.  I had to tell DG what I remembered about every article of clothing I gave away before I put it in the trash or my donation pile.  Secondly, I hate getting rid of things because what if I need it for ONE SPECIFIC EVENT 4 years from now?  Third, I have a lot of stuff and my emotional attachment makes me a hoarder keep things that should just simply be tossed.  And finally, I clearlyyyyy spend way too much money on nail polish.  So, I'm using this information to prevent myself for buying any more nail polish until I start getting rid of some of those polishes.
I bet ya didn't know that this was turning into Weekend Confessional, huh?  Don't worry, the rest of this is pretty easy.
Saturday, I met my college girlfriend, Hillary (and baby Mac) for some shopping at Crabtree.  Emily, Zelle, and Shelby were hosting a shopping event with French Connection at Belk, so I snagged this little number.
Our friend Laura came and met us for lunch.  We tried out Tomato Pie and they have the most amazing salad and soup bar.
I came home and continued my task of project Closet Reorganization before heading out to Wine and Design with the Raleigh Blog Society.  Stay tuned for a full recap tomorrow!

Sunday, DG and I went and tried out Noodles and Company at their new location and ran errands.  I finally finished my closet and cleaned out my dresser drawers.  I also cleaned out under our sink as well.  I donated two loads of clothes and listed a few over on Poshmark.  Follow me at mdb0112.

Winston was such a helper during my cleaning.  Check out this adorable face.

All in all, my mini-spring break/long weekend was awesome.  However, I'm feeling the beginnings of a sinus infection.  It happens every year when the seasons change.  Fingers crossed I've caught it with meds before it gets too far. 
How was your weekend?  Link up and tell Biana and me all about it!

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