Weekending: How is it March Already?

Y'all, this weather is nuts.  Yesterday, we had freezing rain.  Today through Wednesday it is supposed to be warmer but still rainy.  And Thursday, more snow/sleet.  I have my fingers crossed that won't happen.  I need some warm weather stat.  This weekend, I have just a quick recap for you.
I did some running because I have an 8K and a half marathon in the next two weeks.

I got some work done and then DG and I went to look at furniture.  We're the proud new owners of a couch that will hopefully fit through our doorway and a nice storage ottoman.

We got to pick out our fabric for the couch and for two different types of pillows.  Next time you're in the market for a new couch, check out Klaussner Home Furnishings.

The only other picture I have to show from the weekend is where I bought two boxes of cookies.  I thought I had missed the window and would be free from the temptation, but there was a stand right outside of work Saturday morning and I could no longer resist.

P.S. North Carolina girls: be sure you enter the giveaway below to win two tickets to the Southern Ideal Home Show.  Jamie Meares from Furbish Studio will be there talking about entertaining, which I am pumped about.  But I'm also looking forward to seeing Brytons Home Remodeling to discuss what could be done in our master bathroom.

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