Currently Loving: Chewy

  I'm switching up my currently loving for today and talking about 2 new products that I am loving for Winston.  Last month, I was contacted by Chewy to see if Winston would be interested in picking an item and reviewing it.  I mean, duh.

This month, DG and I picked the FURminator Dual Brush.  Winston is a rescue from the local SPCA, and the apple of my eye.  However, he sheds a lot.  The guy is part German Shepherd and part Chow Chow, so it's pretty impossible to keep my floors clean.
DG and I get Winston groomed once every 3 months, so his fur is getting a little long again, so this was the perfect time to try out the brush.  It worked really well for him and helped cut down on some of his shedding.

Just checking it out.

You use the brush side first to get out any matted hair.

Then the comb side to finish.

When he was just a little guy, our vet told us that he favors one of his hips over the other.  As he's gotten a little older, we've started giving him glucosamine and chondrotin to hopefully help with any problems he may acquire.  So, when we saw the Dogswell Happy Hips treats, we knew they would be something great for him to try.  He really loves these treats, and DG and I are both pleased that he is getting something to help his joints.

Do you have a dog who sheds?  What do you do?  What treats does your pup love?
I received the FURminator Dual Brush and Dogswell Happy Hips treats in exchange for my opinion.  All opinions are my own.

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