I've seen this post bouncing around with some of my favorite bloggers (I'm looking at you Shelby, Pamela, and Kristina), so I figured why not join in!

Four Nicknames

1. MDB:  One of my high school best friends called me by my initials and it just kinda stuck.  When I went off to college, he and I were hanging with some of my friends, and he called me that and the rest picked it up.  I won't lie, it's one of the reasons why I had such a hard time changing my last name when I got married.

2. Meg: Not a ton of people call me this, which is a good thing, but sometimes it slips from folks.

3. Meghan Davis: So many friends from my childhood called me by my first and middle name.  I wish my parents had the intention of double naming me, because I love it.  I also love that my buds from home still call me this.

4. Megsy: K.  Only my BFF Amanda calls me this.  Only. 

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Whimsy: In college, I worked at the most adorable clothing and gift boutique.  My BFF Amanda and I worked there together and we loved it.  The owners were so sweet to us and we just had the best time.

2. Lifeguard: I was a lifeguard at the "country club" my parents were members at when I was in high school and for a summer in college.  I loved getting paid to get tan and it was such a laid back environment.  I did have to save one kid once and I wasn't even on duty.

3. Bath & Body Works: I worked at Bath and Body Works briefly in college while also working at Whimsy.  I'm telling you, I've always worked at least 2 jobs at once.  When I moved to Raleigh and started teaching, I got a job at Bath and Body Works again.  I had the BEST time and met three of my best friends through the store.

4. Stylish Living: I love working retail.  For the longest time, my dream was to open a clothing and gift shop with my BFF Amanda.  This store has been so much fun for me because I get to do their social media posts as well.


Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once

1. Pretty Woman: I just really love Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

2. Shooter: Action packed + Mark Wahlberg?  K. :)

3. Mean Girls: Seriously one of my favorite movies.  Amy Poehler kills me in that movie.

4. Remember the Titans: I appreciate the historic relevance and the feel-goodness of it.

Four Things In My Purse

1. Lip Care: I keep my trusty Dr. Lipp, Tom Ford lip stick, and my Pucker Pack in my purse at all times.

2. Pens: I keep a small pack of pens in my purse at all times.  You know how I am with my colored pens.

3. May Design Planner:  I love keeping a smaller planner in my purse for being able to check my schedule.  I feel like I double book myself sometimes, so this helps eliminate that a lot more.

4. Business Cards: I recently got new business cards from Moo and I am obsessed with the quality.

Watson Brown Photography is my favorite, but when I found two pictures he took of my grandparents farm, I was floored.  The farm is not working any longer, but I have such great memories.

Four Places I've Lived

1. Roanoke Rapids, NC:  I was born and raised in a small town.  I had a really great childhood and wouldn't change it for anything, but I must say that I had an eye opening experience when I got to college. 
2. Greenville, NC: I spent 3 1/2 years at East Carolina University and I absolutely adored my time there.  It was the first place I lived besides Roanoke Rapids, and for that stage of my life, it was the perfect stepping stone.  I really miss Greenville, especially my girl Lauren at Monkee's and a! Tavola restaurant.  And who are we kidding, Cubbie's chicken cheese steaks on Sunday afternoons with my girlfriends.
3. Hobgood, NC: When I student taught, I lived with my grandmother for a semester.  I was 35 minutes from Greenville and 35 minutes from the school I student taught at.  Y'all, Hobgood is tee-tiny.  But I loved living on the farm and spending time with my grandmother.
4. Raleigh, NC: I moved from Hobgood to Raleigh and have been here ever since.  This is sometimes a source of angst with me because I am dying to move somewhere new.

Four Places I've Visited

1. Buffalo, NY: DG is from a suburb of Buffalo, so I've been three times to visit his family and friends.  The Niagara Wine Trail is absolutely amazing!  If you're ever in the area, I recommend.  Check out my recap here.

2. St. Petersburg, FL: Ironically enough, my BFF Amanda and DG's BFF Tom both live in St. Petersburg.  So, DG and I went down for spring break two years ago and spent the week with them.  We had the best time with those fools.

3. Chicago, IL: I mean, like I haven't talked about this enough.  Lauren and Kayd live there, and I had the BEST time when I went.

4. Cancun, Mexico: My only international trip.  Y'all, that's gotta change.

Four Places On My Travel Bucket List

1. Santorini, Greece: I can't even handle the white buildings and that blue water.

2. Venice, Italy: The history buff in me needs to see this just for the fact of the city built on water. 

3. Prague, Czech Republic: Pictures don't do it justice from what I hear.

4. Croatia: Just yes.
In the running for my most favorite food...

Four Things I Don't Eat

1. Hotdogs: I have texture issues with food, and this one is just too much for me.  I found out what they were made of when I was in 3rd grade and haven't eaten a hot dog since.

2. Bananas: The smell and the texture make this a no-go for me.

3. Refried Beans: Again, texture.

4.  I can't actually think of a 4th one.  I really enjoy food, so I'll try pretty much anything and can usually make it work.

Four TV Shows I Watch
1. Revenge: I really love Emily Thorne.  It is sometimes so ridiculous, but Jack makes it a lot easier.

2. Madame Secretary: I find this to be so eery because of how close it is to current events.  History, politics, and current events are things that make me entirely too happy, so this show is right up my alley.

3. Hart of Dixie: I just think Rachel Bilson is too cute.

4. Bar Rescue: David and I watch this together every Sunday.  I'm not sure why, but we really love shows like this.
Four Things to Look Forward to In 2015

1. Fort Myers: In May, I'll be traveling to Fort Myers for my friend Mary's bachelorette party.  I cannot wait for a getaway and to celebrate sweet Mare!

2. Charleston: I've mentioned a few times before, but DG and I are heading to Charleston for our first anniversary.  I cannot wait to go around the city with him.

3. Blog: My blog has become so much fun for me.  I cannot get over the friendships and connections I've made.  I am excited about some events coming soon!

4. Travel: I'm hoping DG and I will have some exciting trips to pop up.  We do have some weddings coming up out of town and we're excited to travel for those!
Well, that's it!  I hope you learned a little more about me through this post.  Hope you're having a great week!