Weekend Snaps

This weekend, I tried to take more time for myself instead of running around like a crazy person (hence the e-card feeling appropriate).  And y'all, it was so needed.  Friday night, I caught up with an old friend from high school before having pizza at home with DG.  We both fell asleep on the couch pretty soon after that.
Saturday morning, I woke up after realizing I slept 12 hours.  I haven't slept that much in a long time, and I felt so refreshed.  DG and I cleaned the house before heading to the Southern Ideal Home Show at the NC State Fairground.
DG and I were swooning over all the various outdoor eating areas.  We have an upgrade in mind in the coming weeks.  And that chair?  OMG.  I need it in my living room.

Jamie Meares of Furbish Studio had three tables set up.  These two were my favorites, but the one with that embroidered table runner and flowers had me swooning.  Jamie gave a presentation on how to decorate, and I immediately went home and started putting ideas from her shop. 

This section is at the request of DG.  There was a booth that was doing an exhibit of birds of prey.  These guys were his favorites.  So, I was fangirling over Jamie Meares and he was fangirling over birds.  Ya know.

We didn't realize the flea market would be open because there were a lot of things happening at the fair grounds.  DG and I love the flea market and we had a great time browsing.  The stand with the peonies was hands down my favorite.  Every piece of furniture we saw that we liked was sold, which was pretty convenient since we wouldn't have really been able to get it home, but still it was fun to daydream.

My shirt C/O Southern Magnolia Shirt Co.  It was perfect for running around outdoors.
DG and I were excited to have lunch together, since it was the first Saturday we had time together in months.  However, the restaurant we ate at was a disaster.  I try not to give bad publicity, so I'll spare the name of the restaurant, but the next time we crave bar food, we'll be going to My Way Tavern or Salem Street Pub.
Sunday morning, I dug up our gardens so I could plant my herbs and veggies for this year.  My new school has agriculture classes, so they grew these and had a plant sale this weekend.  I picked up a ton of veggies, herbs, and flowers.  You'll see some before and after pictures soon!
I headed in to work for the afternoon, and then I came back home to finish getting ready for the week.  It's one of those weeks I'm trying to not wish time away about, but it's gonna be a doozy.
In other news, I am pumped because Tone It Up's Bikini Series starts today!  I can't wait to get started!  And if you have a FitBit, let's be friends.  I've been doing week and weekend challenges and it has been helping so much.  Just leave your information in the comments and I'll add you!
How was your weekend?   Link up below and tell Biana and me all the details!  P.S. did you catch yesterday's review of Blue Apron?

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