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Have y'all ever heard of Beautycounter?  I've seen the products before on Lauren Conrad's blog, GOOP, and J.Crew before, but never tried them.  However, on Friday, my friend brought me samples to try.  These seven products are the ones that I've been using and I'm obsessed.

My friend Andrea turned me on to researching more about the products I put on my skin.  For so long, I've used a variety of products without any rhyme or reason.  After finding out how many toxic chemicals were in some of my favorite products, I decided to take my skin care more seriously.  I like Beautycounter because it doesn't break the bank and the company does its own banning of ingredients.  To learn more, read here.  Follow my journey on Instagram as I toss out one of my old tried and true products for a safe one each week.

What skin products do you use?  Do you pay attention to EWG scores?  See how your products measure here.

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