Five on Friday!

Palm Springs California
This weekend, we'll be celebrating our first annivesary.  Our first year went by insanely fast.  While I love hearing people say, "I know everyone says the first year is the hardest, but this is the best," I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't hard at times.  However, no matter how much DG makes me crazy, he's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm so excited to spend time with just him this weekend!

The pre-ceremony champagne toast my bridesmaids organized 30 minutes prior to the ceremony when they realized how anxious I was is in the top 5 of my favorite memories from our wedding.

My precious nephew was one month old on Tuesday! Man how time is flying!  Y'all know I don't have any siblings of my own, so when my oldest friend told me she was pregnant, I told her I couldn't wait to be Aunt Crazy to her baby.  So, here I am.  The crazy aunt.  And I couldn't be prouder!


I made a lightened up version of fettuccine alfredo Monday night and it was delicious.  Stay tuned for the recipe.


Tuesday, DG and I headed up to the local ball park for a Salamanders game.  Those of you in the area, check it out.  The games are a ton of fun!  And I'm checking off a ton of things on my summer bucket list.


Surprise!  I requested that our new family photos be taken at the Raleigh Rose Garden, where we had our wedding ceremony last year. If you remember, the darn fountain wasn't filled.  This year it is, so I asked Em to take a couple of pictures of us in front of it.  Not pictured, our photog juggling her camera bag, camera, and two anxiety ridden dogs.  (Also, what up 100+ degree temperatures.  My hair won't cooperate again until September.  Whatevs.)

What are you loving this Friday?  And what are your plans for the weekend?

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