Y'all have been so sweet about our newest addition of Gizmo.  If you've been around here for a while, you know Winston has been our pride and joy for 4 years, and all 3 of us are excited about the addition of Gizmo.
DG and I have been wanting another dog for a while.  We have loved having Winston, but when we have longer days at work, we wanted him to have a buddy to hang with so he wouldn't be lonely.  We've dogsat for friends before and he's always gotten along with other dogs.  Winston is awesome because he is so laid back and just goes with the flow.  
We occassionally would check the Wake County SPCA website or look at their Facebook for dogs.  We found a couple of dogs we were interested in, but we just didn't feel like it was the right fit.   Three weeks ago, on a Wednesday night, a former co-worker of mine posted a flyer of a 5 month old pup at the Wake SPCA.  I stopped dead in my tracks because he looked like Winston when he was that age.

He came home and had a day at work and when he was done venting, I showed him the link.  He asked if I had asked my friend about him and if I had called the SPCA.  I reached out to her and got the information from her on the little dude.  He had been found abandoned with his mother who was blind before being put in foster care by the SPCA.  He was pretty skiddish around people and had some anxiety, but she said he was so smart and had taken really quickly to crate training.  So, I went and checked him out at the SPCA and put in an application.

We were approved, but I wanted DG and Winston to meet him before we made the decision to bring him home officially.  I was a little nervous because Gizmo ran around the room and wouldn't acknowledge me calling his name.  I recognize that the shelter is intimidating, but I just felt so bad he was so anxious.   When we went back, DG and I took him out into a play area and we instantly knew Gizmo was perfect for us, mainly because he just chased Winston around and Winston loved it.  When they were attempting to take him back to get him ready to go home with us, he wouldn't go back.  He just wanted to be with Winston.
Within the first day of him being home with us, he was learning to sit, come, and to walk on his leash.  He is hilarious because he is very vocal and just makes a lot of noise all the time.  DG and I figure this is because of his mom being blind, he compensated for it that way.  He loves to nap on our ottoman on a pillow and is definitely a cuddler.  He nips the back of our calves if we are walking too slow in front him.  He loves Winston like no other.  If we tell Winston he's a good boy, then Gizmo will do the same thing so he can get the same praise.  He hates to be left by himself though and will bark at the door if one of us steps out into the garage and he gets a little anxiety riding in the car without Winston.  However, in the 2 1/2 weeks we've had him, he's made huge improvements in that.
We are so happy at how quickly he adjusted and how much he loves Winston, and us.  He has really grown to like people in the few weeks we've had him and he is loving being showered with attention.  DG and I make a point to give Winston some alone time, but he really loves being with Gizmo.  We couldn't be happier with how they've adjusted to each other.
And y'all, those ears.  I die.