How is it June?

Hello, June! Looking forward to going to the sea side :-)

Y'all.  How is it June 1st already?  I am always conflicted because I have major FOMO but also want to slow down and appreciate what's happening around me.  This weekend was an exciting one for sure!

I'll contradict myself here and tell you that Friday was pretty boring for me.  Strep really knocked me down and I was feeling icky so I just tried to get myself somewhat comfortable.
Saturday, I was up and at 'em to get ready for a busy day.  DG and his team had the early game in the state championship.  Last year, he had the night game and I was a hot mess.  This year, I didn't have time to think so I was able to remain partially calm.  His team won 2-0 and I was ecstatic.  He and his team are so deserving.  I don't think it's sunk in for him yet, but I've never been prouder of him.  

After his game, we parted ways, and I had dinner with my parents and a few friends at The Station in Raleigh.

Their bacon habanero pimiento cheese dip is so yummy!

I also love their black bean burger with housemade chips.
I went in to work for a few hours and picked up a pizza from Anna's Pizzeria for a late, but celebratory, dinner.  

I woke up feeling pretty terrible on Sunday, so I took the day to relax and get ready for my last full week of the school year.

How was your weekend?  Link up and tell us all about it!


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