Summer Bucket List

Life is a beach!
So, I know the official start of summer is June 21, but my last day of the 2014-15 school year is next Thursday.  One of the perks to DG and I being public school employees is that we're both 10 month employees, so we get the same funemployment (just in case you didn't know that teachers don't get paid over the summer).
Here's my summer bucket list:
*Attend a baseball game or two.  Holly Springs just got a collegiate level baseball team, so we're definitely trying to get to at least one.  And we always love the Durham Bulls games!
*Host a summer party in our updated backyard
*unplugged Sundays
*Try 5 (or 6) new restaurants in Raleigh (Garland, Faire, 18 Seaboard, The Oak, Battistellas, Bida Manda)
*Take the boys out for vanilla ice cream
*Have a drink at Gizmo Brew Works (yep, that's Gizmo's namesake.  Our friends who fostered him named him after their favorite brewery)
*Stick to a running plan with DG
*Attend a food truck rodeo (or 2)
*Hike the Eno River
*Make a fun new drink
*Have pool days with friends
*Be spontaneous!
What's on your summer bucket list?

P.S. check out this adorable Rifle Paper Company notebook!  I use it to write out ideas for my blog.  Seriously obsessed.

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