A Perfect Fit

Alright, ladies.  You know the search for the perfect undergarment is a difficult one.  If you're like me, once you find a style that works, you really don't deviate from it.  But I decided to take the Victoria's Secret Perfect Fit Challenge to double check that my size was correct.  I thought it was pretty silly to get a fit based soley off a quiz and not an actual measurement in a store.  When I received my new bras, I was shocked pleasantly surprised at how accurate the quiz had been.  Mine had been a size too large in the width, and now the new size is making my outfits look more polished.  I highly encourage you to take the quiz to see if you're wearing the right size.  You know there's nothing worse than undergarments that don't fit right.
I received a full coverage bra, lounge bra, and demi bra from the Body by Victoria collection.  The new Body by Victoria collection offers a wider variety of colors and styles to choose from plus new lace options!  Their new options are now more than Body by Victoria has ever offered before!  The newest edition style-wise is their BBV lounge bra, which, if I had to pick, was my favorite that I received to try.  The first time I wore it, I was shocked at how comfortable it was!  It's a great time for you to try the challenge and to see if you are wearing the right size, and to try out the new collection.  With free shipping and free returns on bras until July 29, what's to lose?  You can also earn 1% cash back with Shop at Home.
And even more incentive to try out the new collection, with any purchase of a Body by Victoria bra, you can be entered to win a Jaguar *swoon.*
I received these bras from Shop at Home to review, but all opinions are my own.