A Blogger Weekend

Happy Monday, y'all!  This weekend has been a whirlwind for me, even more than normal.  DG flew out Wednesday and was gone until yesterday.  I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed the time of being able to get things done around the house and control of the remote.  Hah!  But in all seriousness, I went through my clothes and donated some and listed a few things on Poshmark.  I'm sort of in a miminalistic phase where I want to get rid of a lot of stuff that I'm not using.  It felt great to purge, that's for sure!  But enough of that, let's jump into my recap.
Friday, I had dinner at a friend's house.  They're both amazing cooks, and their daughter was our flower girl.  We had the best time catching up, and the meal was ah-mazing.
Saturday morning, the boys and I woke up and got to work on my big furniture project.  Winston was a really great helper, and Gizmo was pretty exhausted from being on watchdog duty.  Notice their Thundershirts?  They both were pretty anxious from me moving furniture around, and those things do wonders for their anxiety.

Saturday afternoon, Kate, Kristina, and I headed out to Wendell Falls for The Blog Societies pool party.  Nikki hosted the event and it was so fun to hang out with these blogger babes for the afternoon.  Whitney joined us a little later, and all the girls were so much fun to chat with!  It was a really great afternoon.

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When I got home, I started prepping for the painters to come today.  I still can't believe all of our rooms are finally going to be painted and we can start decorating.  September is DG's birthday month, so we always host a party at our house.  I would like to get some key things done before having guests over and I'm beyond excited.

I also had a great mail day Saturday!  I am so excited to collaborate with Kate from A Native Look!  And I finally got my new Rifle Paper phone case (similar).  I also got my go-to drawer knobs.  And I am back into barre, so I picked up a couple of transition pieces for fall (tank // pull over).

Sunday, I finished up some tasks, and got back into the grove of meal planning.  Then, I headed to bu*ku to have brunch with the girls of Raleigh Blog Society!  Thanks to Courtney for planning this month's event!

I spent the rest of Sunday getting ready for the week.  DG's flight was delayed from Miami, which stressed me out a little bit.  It was better than it being cancelled though, which was worst case scenario because of the hurricane!

How was your weekend?  Be sure to link up with Biana and me and tell us all about it!


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