A New Wedding Band

Today, I'm so excited to share my experience with Anjolee in creating a customized wedding band.  My original wedding band, the thick gold band, was my great-great grandmother's that was gifted to DG by my grandmother.  I was, and still am, over the moon about my wedding band.  But it was also always a dream of mine to have a variety of rings to wear with my band and engagement ring.  When Anjolee contacted me about a collaboration, I jumped at the opportunity.

Anjolee specializes in creating customizable jewelry, but especially diamond bridal sets.  I picked an eternity ring with side stones.  The ring I picked is a mock one, so it is made of silver and cubic zirconia, but their gold options with diamonds are incredible.  This was such an easy process to order the ring.  I was a little nervous about the sizing because I feel like I can never get an accurate ring size since my fingers swell up in the heat, but I haven't had one single problem with the sizing even in the scorching temperatures!  For you brides-to-be who haven't found a wedding band, I highly recommend Anjolee.  Their customer service is stellar and the quality of their diamond bridal sets rivals the competition I saw in my hunt for a wedding band.

If you are in the market and are interested in learning more about Anjolee, you should check out their Youtube channel!  It gives you a greater view of the jewelry by rotating the jewelry to provide you greater detail of the pieces before you commit!

For you married ladies, do you want a second wedding band?  If so, what type?

I was given a silver and cubic zirconia ring to mimic the process of ordering a customizable band from Anjolee, but all opinions are my own.

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