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This is my last weekend of freedom before returning back to work for the new school year.  I am sort of in shock that summer is over.  I'm reflecting back and am not sure that I had time to rejuvenate like I normally do!  So, this weekend, I'll be savoring every last drop of freedom that I can, in addition to first event planning party to come to life!  

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Story of my life.... hahah. Time should not be. Its sucks ass
Y'all, my struggle is so real.  I try so hard to be on time, but I also try to fit as much in a day as I can.  When I am working 2 different jobs and trying to fit my real life in, it becomes almost impossible for me to be on time.  Sorrrrrry.

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I am obsessed with this necklace from Happiness Boutique!  I can't wait to show you how I styled it next week.

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I finally got to check out Bida Manda in Raleigh, and it was just as good as everyone has said it is.  I ordered Pad Thai with shrimp and was thoroughly impressed.  Also, that decor?  Those chairs are the things dreams are made of.  Seriously.

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I checked two items off my summer bucket list this week!  The first was Bida Manda and the second was taking the boys for vanilla ice cream.  Winston got a little mouthy if I didn't feed him his ice cream fast enough, which was hysterical.

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If you live in North Carolina, read this.
Biana's post yesterday about 9 new instagram accounts to follow was exactly what I needed to feel inspired!
Happy Weekend, y'all!
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