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The 3rd room on our list to update is our guest bedroom.  We painted this room a fun color because two of our guests once told us that if we painted this room a bright color, they'd never come stay with us again.  So after we dropped off our guests at the airport, we stopped at Lowe's and bought the most obnoxious, brightest color we could find.  

Note: Don't ever challenge DG or me or give us an ultimatium.  We're going to accept that every. single. time.  That's why we work; we are both hardheaded.

This picture was taken last year, and this room hasn't had much change in it.  We definitely need to get rid of the end tables and lights after we paint this room.  P.S. I don't know what this obsession with orange was the first two years of living here.  I promise I'm over that.

Here's what my inspiration is for this room:

Tips on accessorizing your home like the pros.

I love the shutter headboard, but in a cream color.  

Shutter decor.

Love these dried hydrangeas for decoration.

Take away the TV and this is perfect.

The idea of having the WiFi passcode in the bedroom is such an easy idea.  Y'all know you're asking for it any time you're at a friend's house.

Striped Wall Guest Bedroom – love the welcoming touches on the wall and the fun colors

I love the neutrals with this ruffled throw.

Ruffled Throw with step by step instructions.

This sort of sums up how I envision our space.


This checklist for guests is great for finalizing ideas prior to a guest's arrival.

Checklist for a welcoming guest room should include a Airtek or Altimair - air mattress / air bed now available at Wayfair!

And here are a few links to some guest bedroom tips:

30 Welcoming Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Overnight Guests

How do you prepare your guest room?  Any suggestions for making guests feel comfortable?

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