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Y'all, DG and I have had a list of home updates we've wanted to do since we bought the house.  But recently, we've been on a kick.  It seemed like the house went on the back burner when we were planning the wedding, and now, we're making up for lost time.

When we bought our house, it was a mustard yellow color.  Our kitchen gets great natural light, I decided I wanted a green kitchen.  And that's exactly what I got as evidence by this grainy picture from 2013 (anyone else ever get embarrassed in reflection of old blog posts)?

And while I'm already mourning the loss of the green kitchen walls, I'm excited to update our kitchen to more of my style.  Here's some inspiration I'm using these days.

be still my heart

There are few things I love more than a distressed cabinet and white glassware.

My parents house has a kitchen with exposed brick walls, and I love it. It's even better in the more contemporary home styles.

Those exposed brick and beams?  *swoon*

Fixer Upper host, Joanna Gaines on her kitchen: "It's the heart of the home for me. No matter how much is going on, I don't feel overwhelmed because the palette is very clean and fresh. I love the farmhouse sink, and I love looking out the window at the animals and cows while I work."

I can't even with that tile and that farm sink.  

Pretty Vintage Dining Room Design by Desiree Ashworth - now that I'm going for wood-look porcelain tile - I love everything about this room.
I love everything about this room.  I seriously can't pick just one thing that's my favorite.

faux reclaimed wood kitchen counters | The Ragged Wren on

Those countertops?  That sink?  Seriously.

A Charming Farmhouse Table via Adventures in Decorating Use a farmhouse table (or DIY the farmhouse table look), vintage antiques, and country pastel colors (sage, cream, pale blue) to capture the essence of country decorating. A little warm colored wood in the kitchen will also help give off the country farm vibe. via Hometalk

I am most drawn to the sign and the cabinets.

Where do you get your home inspirations from?

Today, I am SO excited to be linking up with Jenn & Jessi for their first ever "What's Hap-Pinning"  link up!

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