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Y'all.  This is it.  Today is my last day before the new school year starts.  So if you're looking for me, I'm vegging out with my two 4-legged boys and drinking way too much coffee.  I had a fantastic weekend leading up to today, and I am so grateful for that.
Friday, DG and I went to our first estate sale.  One of the things we've always enjoyed doing together is going to antique shops and flea markets.  We ended up exploring a couple of more antique shops before taking the boys to get groomed.
Remember I told you we're on a home improvement kick, so while we waited for the boys, we went and made a list of all the things we wanted from our local home improvement store.  The top of my list?  A new washer and dryer with steam options.  Do y'all remember when this blog was about things that I wanted that were fashionable?  Now I'm over here swooning over a new washer and dryer.
After my first chalk paint project, I went out and bought a couple more colors to paint few other pieces of furniture.  I started with the beloved chest my parents bought me when we first bought the house.  I painted it orange.  Orange (also, I really hope my photos are better than those from 2013).  I legitimately don't know what I was thinking when I moved in other than "I'm an adult and I can do whatever I want!  Like paint every room in our house some ridiculous color and this adorable antique chest orange!  Woo hoo, adulthood!"  That's what happens when you buy a house at 24 and had previously lived in apartments where you couldn't paint the rooms.

I really cannot tell you how easy chalk paint makes everything.  This chest only took me 3 hours and DG helped me cut Rifle Paper Co. wrapping sheets so I could line the drawers.  Y'all knew that was coming, right?  I don't think there's been a week where I haven't posted about Rifle recently.
Saturday, I woke up and headed to Greenville to help celebrate baby Mac's 1st birthday.  My friend asked me to help plan his party, and I was a nervous wreck.  I enlisted the help of my friend Kelly for cut-outs for decor, and they were a huge hit.  Of course, I forgot my big camera, so I don't have a ton of pictures other than on my phone, but I was so pleased with how the decor turned out!  
When I got home on Saturday night, I found DG had started working on a project that we literally talked about over lining drawers and pizza on Friday night.  He went and picked up a cabinet, restored it, and painted our laundry room.  My inspiration was a cross between these two.  I'll share more once everything is in place.
Laundry room remodel.
Laundry Catchall
Sunday, my parents came up for the day and brought their pup, Ellie Mae.  EM & Gizmo play really well together, and Winston is happy because he gets all the attention again from his grandparents.
We took them to brunch at Bass Lake for our favorite chicken and biscuits, but I decided at the lats minute to order a salad (there is lettuce under there).  It's been a while since I'v posted about food over the weekend.  I know!  Who am I?  That was my trademark for weekending posts.  

Finally, we cleaned up the craziness from my update to the chest & DG's update to the laundry room.
I hope y'all had a great weekend!  Don't forget to link up with Biana and me and tell us all about your weekend!

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