Five on Friday Throw some glitter in todays face!! :-):
And Friday is here again!  Can you actually have a bad day on a Friday?
Let's jump right into today's favorites.

I really tried not to like Taylor Swift's new c.d.  I really did.  But darn it.  The girl nailed it.  Not that I have anything against T.Swift or anything, but you know.  I never really considered her music my favorite until now.  So, #ygg.


I'm obsessed with this cardigan.  I picked it up during Nordstrom's anniversary sale this fall, and it's so soft and comfortable.  It's also on major sale right now!  Outfit deets below.

I clearly have a thing with sweaters.  I picked up this sweater last year from Vestique and loved it so much, I grabbed it in grey too.  I'm still also obsessed with my antique Parisian key necklace and these old school Moon & Lola leaf earrings.  Legitimately 9 year old earrings.

Photos by Em Grey Photography
Did you catch the most recent Suburb Sunday post?  I can't get enough of these cotton napkin rings I easily assembled.

Winston & Gizmo loved their treats this month from  Their boo bars are a hit!
Hope you have a great weekend!
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